© 2019 European Tourism Manifesto

Tourism is an important driver of economic and social development.  The sector stimulates economic growth by generating income, employment and investment in Europe, and through its exports to origin markets worldwide. It helps to sustain our cultural and natural heritage, provides revenue to fund facilities and infrastructure enjoyed by visitors and residents, and promotes an awareness of a common European identity and citizenship distinguished by its diversity.

Europe is the world’s number one tourist destination with a market share of 50.8% in 2018.

The Travel & Tourism sector generates (directly and indirectly) 10.3% of total EU-28 GDP.

With over 538 million international arrivals to the EU-28 countries in 2017, the Travel & Tourism sector supports 27.3 million people, with visitor exports generating 400 billion EUR.

Tourism in the European Union, WTTC (2018)